It was a Holy Convocation: a gathering of God's people in the heart of Woodstock, near Atlanta in the great State of Georgia, USA, with the Theme; "God's Call To Sonship & Revelation Of Christ"

The conference had Brethren from different countries such as the Nigera, UK, Canada and of course the Brethren from different States accross the US especially from Atlanta, Georgia who were the hosts. The Brethren came from all works of life.

It started with the arrival of the Brethren from outside the United States who joined the Hosts in the continued prayerful preparation towards the Conference on the 27th and 28th of August.

The conference commenced on Friday 29th-Monday 01st Sept 2008.  Never had there been a gathering of such a Holy Convocation in several years. It had in attendance over 70 people besides the Youths, Young Adults and Children!

The Land - Venue of the Conference, became a beehive of activities as Brethren trooped in in groups eager to hear what The Lord had to say to His people.

The main emphasis at the conference was for Brethren to return to God and be holy, for God is about to do a quick work on the earth. As it were, it is time to get serious with God. God has been silent over lots of issues concerning man's activities on the earth and is about to speak- to ROAR!!!

The Lord shall visit the sons of darkness with Vengeance and the sons of God with Glory-for God will never judge the unrighteous with the righteous.

A lot was said on the need for Brethren to forgive one another and not let anything stand in their way.

Specific prayers were made for Brethren who had problems that seemed to linger.
It was a glorious gathering of Gods people as God indeed DID speak to His own.

It was indeed a refreshing time in the presence of God, with lots of praises abounding.

Brethren departed to their various destinations on Monday 01st Sept after being in the presence of God for more than 3 nights, ready to go out there, conquer, and occupy till He comes. It is indeed time to arise and shine!!

From Bro. 'Segun Ogunfile.


"...And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come..."
-Matthew 24:14